23 December 2014

Lunch ke Dinner ni ?

Salam Readers.

Today I decided to write about what I cooked for lunch (not really lunch since we ate at 6 haha more to dinner actually) Anyway, I started 'masak' at 3 due to my laziness (of course). Ever since after SPM, I had to cook daily for my famz so, to know what to cook today was really a challenge. However, today's inspiration was to make makanan ala-ala Thai gitu. 2 hours of really laid-back cooking to feast your eyes , here's the results :

Tomyam Campur 

Kacang botol with Sambal 

Daging Masak Merah

The easiest one, telur dadar hehe

Overall result 

Other than cooking, I did nothing other than tengok tv for a few hours and Internet Surfing all day. I seriously need to get a job so that I could at least do something more bermakna than being a couch potato. Hahaha . I will write about my trip to the Land Of The Rising Sun soon ! (if I could find my hard disk that is) Thanks for reading! xx

15 December 2014

A Fresh Start

Hi and Assalamualaikum !
It really feels weird to be blogging again. After almost 2 years of no blog posts (really??)this blog looked ancient already. ahaha. Anyway, I started blogging again since I had nothing else to do I guess. Lepasan SPM katakan . hahaha. It must be weird reading through my blog because of the sudden years gap cause my last post was in my early form 4. A lot of things happened from that year on. The good, the 'meh' and ,the bad. But you know what, let bygones,be  bygones kan ? Jangan dikenang barang yang lepas. Hahaha dua peribahasa terus kau, Thus, in order for me to always remember and cherish the good memories I had, I decided to blog again. (YAY!!) So it's kind of like diary la sekarang ni. To those yang willing to baca even though I don't know you but you are willing to, thank you for taking an interest on my not-so-interesting life. Hahaha probably I would just update  on what I'm cooking daily or my reading lists or something. (Sorry guys) To those yang dipaksa(by me) baca my blog I would also thank you . ahaha I feeel like I'm writing a thank you speech now . Also, excuse my 'pasar' language. Maaf ya ! I hope my daily ramblings in this blog would eventually have its 'kegunaan' to anyone even to myself. Hehe. So that's it from me. Arrivederci xx

PS: Shoutout to Athirah Nazar (if you read this ) ahaha

(Gambar makanan sebab tengah lapar. Sekian )

11 January 2013

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Last Sunday , my family and I went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. My brothers went rollerblading while I had to jaga diorang punya kasut. Haish. Still, I had my camera with me . So, here are some of the results :

Trees :)

Beautiful Sunset

My bro ,Darwis

Ayahku :)

Love this !

My bro, Danial 

Such a beautiful evening ! I really love sunset !!

07 January 2013

Goodbye Aina !

Jumaat minggu lepas pukul 3 setengah , Aina Nadia made a 'farewell party' since she's going to move to Kuantan. *sobsob. Sedih. Kenal dia sejak form 2. Geng peminat the Hobbit. Ehehe. She's also one of the only people who I text and kecek London with. Seriously, im going to miss her. One time, pinjam buku dia lupa nak bagi balik siap sanggup bagi walaupun masa tu probably pukul 10. Rumah dekatlah katakan. Aina sangat pandai. When we were facing our PMR, we would always stayed up late at school so that we can study together. Dia banyak explain stuff I can't understand. Sampai balik sama dengan budak petang wooo. Anyway, I had lots fun at Aina's party. Ramai juga yang datang. Here's some pics :

Op Opp Oppa Gangnam style

Obviously this is on timer. Ahaha

With Dear Hana :)

Yana dengan Hana . 

Tasha dengan Hawa. comel je. Susah nak ambil gambar dengan Hawa.

 Goodbye Aina :((

Comel :)

Yana, Athirah, myself . 

Last picture before balik. Gonna miss this !

04/01/13 Friday <3 p="p">


Just a few random pictures I took . Enjoy ! 
Bella's passport photo. Haha

Buku Form 4. Ada 25 buah. Niceee.

Adikku poyo.
Self-made Passport photos.

02 January 2013


Happy New Year and Hello 2013 ! I'm now a form 4 student . I chose a Purescience class. Puan Asyikin warned us that chemistry will be hard. Must study hard !

 I'll try to achieve all of my goals for this year . Fighting !

Here's a photo of my cat , Bella. Cheers :3

PMR 2012 Result

Alhamdulillah I got all A's ! I consider myself really fortunate getting this result. Why? I didn't go through a pleasant examination experience. I got dengue fever on the first day of PMR and throughout the whole week. My mum passed away 2 weeks before PMR. I nearly gave up . But I tried to keep my spirit high and struggled through the exam. Unbelievable right ? 

Nikon D3200 , a gift from ayah :)