06 February 2011

25 Random Facts About Me

  1. Syahirah Binti Mohamad Shuairi is my full name stated in my I/C.
  2. Love Hello Kitty and Pink. ( Yea i know)
  3. Malas belajar.
  4. Have a passion for photography and playing the piano.
  5. I hate my hair the way it is now.
  6. Suka mandi .
  7. Suka makan fast food.
  8. Obesession with cats and kittens.
  9. Tumblr crazy.
  10. Makan dengan sudu dan garfu.
  11. I have been to more than 10 countries around the world.
  12. I sometimes feels lonely around people.
  13. Four-eyed.
  14. Tak pernah couple.
  15. Bruno Mars.
  16. Likes to look at people who wears hijabs and shawls.
  17. Likes cooking.
  18. Sayang family.
  19. Loves my friends.
  20. Sekolah dekat SMKDTHO kelass 2 Amanah.
  21. My biggest fear is to lose my parents :(
  22. Have 2 lil' brothers and a sista.
  23. Im heavier than you think.
  24. Suka makan. (lagi)
  25. Love coke (coca-cola) more than any drinks
So there, my 25 random facts in 16 minutes. Kena tag lah ni?

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