15 August 2011

I hate goodbyes

Assalamualaikum and hey , so how are you guys doing ? Baik-baik sahaja? Puasa tak ? Well this entry is about how to deal with a breakup . LOL JK I dont even have a boyfriend. hihi. Sebenarnya, i wanna know what to do, when your friends nak move . Sad rite ? Next year 4 of my besties akan pindah. If 1 friend isnt bad enough, I have to deal with four . Imagine that. I know that it wont be the same. The fun, laughs, awesomeness together is unforgetable. But we have to move on , dah takdir kan . 2011 went by so quickly . Eh look dah 15 hari puasa! Sekejap betul !

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