17 December 2012

Manchester City vs Malaysia

Somewhere around July this year, I got a chance to watch Manchester City play football live in Malaysia. It was awesome even though we had to go through a jam because it was too crowded blablabla. I even got the golden oppurtunity to meet Roberto Mancini himself ! It was the night before the match started. My brother and I had to go to KLCC to buy the tickets for the game. Sadly , it havent arrived yet. It was already 10 pm at that time. However, when we got out from KLCC, we were actually walking out with the Man City team ( the players werent there though) So yeah, I ended up asking the security for a picture with the coach. The security guy didnt said anything but looked to Roberto Mancini . He approved , so thats how I got the picture. muahaha. Anyway, watching a football match is so much awesome when it is done live at the stadium.

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