15 December 2014

A Fresh Start

Hi and Assalamualaikum !
It really feels weird to be blogging again. After almost 2 years of no blog posts (really??)this blog looked ancient already. ahaha. Anyway, I started blogging again since I had nothing else to do I guess. Lepasan SPM katakan . hahaha. It must be weird reading through my blog because of the sudden years gap cause my last post was in my early form 4. A lot of things happened from that year on. The good, the 'meh' and ,the bad. But you know what, let bygones,be  bygones kan ? Jangan dikenang barang yang lepas. Hahaha dua peribahasa terus kau, Thus, in order for me to always remember and cherish the good memories I had, I decided to blog again. (YAY!!) So it's kind of like diary la sekarang ni. To those yang willing to baca even though I don't know you but you are willing to, thank you for taking an interest on my not-so-interesting life. Hahaha probably I would just update  on what I'm cooking daily or my reading lists or something. (Sorry guys) To those yang dipaksa(by me) baca my blog I would also thank you . ahaha I feeel like I'm writing a thank you speech now . Also, excuse my 'pasar' language. Maaf ya ! I hope my daily ramblings in this blog would eventually have its 'kegunaan' to anyone even to myself. Hehe. So that's it from me. Arrivederci xx

PS: Shoutout to Athirah Nazar (if you read this ) ahaha

(Gambar makanan sebab tengah lapar. Sekian )

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athirah nazar said...

Ye saya baca... Hahahaha