23 December 2014

Lunch ke Dinner ni ?

Salam Readers.

Today I decided to write about what I cooked for lunch (not really lunch since we ate at 6 haha more to dinner actually) Anyway, I started 'masak' at 3 due to my laziness (of course). Ever since after SPM, I had to cook daily for my famz so, to know what to cook today was really a challenge. However, today's inspiration was to make makanan ala-ala Thai gitu. 2 hours of really laid-back cooking to feast your eyes , here's the results :

Tomyam Campur 

Kacang botol with Sambal 

Daging Masak Merah

The easiest one, telur dadar hehe

Overall result 

Other than cooking, I did nothing other than tengok tv for a few hours and Internet Surfing all day. I seriously need to get a job so that I could at least do something more bermakna than being a couch potato. Hahaha . I will write about my trip to the Land Of The Rising Sun soon ! (if I could find my hard disk that is) Thanks for reading! xx

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